CL Writers Share Their Thoughts on Mother’s Day

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Here in our part of the world, it’s Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday), and it is heartwarming to read all the prayers and nice thoughts on social media about mothers. We asked some of our contributors to share their thoughts on Mother’s Day and the response we got was just beautiful.

Mother's day
Ted Phido and his beautiful Mum

Ted Phido is our sports and lifestyle writer. He decided to share his earliest memory of his mother. Read it below:

“I have a proto-memory. One that managed to withstand the vageries of time and age.

The memory is sightless, I mean I think my eyes were closed during it. A light pushes through my eyelids bathing the scene with a warm golden glow. My mothers voice sings ‘Jesus Loves Me This I know’. I remember the gentle roughness of the towel against my skin or was it my nappy? I felt so safe.”


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Temini Adebowale Teluwo is an author, and she’s responsible for most of the book reviews (and movie reviews) you read here. She shares her thoughts about her mother. This will make you smile.

Like all children who grew up in the late 80s to early 90s, I would wake up first thing on a saturday morning to watch Cadbury’s breakfast television.

Not in my house though. Only a lazy, spoilt child would watch television on saturday when the compound wasn’t swept, the toilets needed a wash and our clothes were dirty.

But once a new cartoon or movie came out, my mom would ensure my dad got it for us, and even watch it with us. When we wanted a puppy, she had our dad get  us, even though she hated dogs with the passion.

By the time I was in university, we were best of friends. She would drive over thrice a week and park in front of my hostel, just to gist with us an talk about the boys chasing us.

When I got married, and was about to have my first child, she was there to hold my hand and guide me through the process. The same way I hope to guide my own daughter one day. I love that woman to the moon and back.

Happy mother’s day to my mom and to every mom and would be mom out there!

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Mother's day blessings
Sharon’s Mum

Sharon D. Fiberesima is the Editor in Chief of Coral Lifestyle magazine and she shares about the influence her mother has had on her.

“My mother is my inspiration. She taught me to reach deep inside me for strength, and stand up for my beliefs. She is fierce about those she loves and does not hesitate to let us know that she’s there for us. A disciplinarian, she gave me a back bone and taught me how to use it. Yet, she is the most gentle person I know.

When I had my daughter, I got to appreciate my mother even more. The sacrifices she made just to give me a life that was better than hers…these have shaped me and the way I view motherhood. I once told her that if I am half the woman she is, I would be very proud indeed.”


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