Did you seek a spiritualist or seer before marriage?

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Spiritualist advice to marry

Let’s be honest, many of us here did it. We went to spiritualists or seers or other spiritual leaders to tell us whether we should marry the men we married or not. What we want to know is, do their predictions really work? We would really like to know what you think. And why can’t a woman (or man) just make up her mind about a man…if he makes them happy, if he treats them right, if he fears God … are those not enough to decide if you want to be married to someone or not? We feel that if you don’t have peace about that person, if you feel so disturbed that you need to seek out a seer or spiritualist to be sure if he is the ‘one’ then maybe he’s not the one. Then again, what do we know? Those who go to these people surely have their reasons. The Punch did an investigation about it and we’ll post an excerpt. We would like to hear your thoughts on this though.

Excerpt from Punch:

Thirty three-year-old Chinasa Nwachukwu wore a forlorn look as she sat in her father’s living room that Tuesday morning. Nothing around her immediate environment appealed to her. Not even a breaking news on the television that morning could awaken her consciousness. The young lady had a different thing occupying her mind. She was pondering the outcome of the journey she made the previous day to Ikorodu, a town on the outskirts of Lagos, where she had consulted a spiritualist to seek divination over whether the man in her life was the right person for her.

But instead of getting a favourable solution, the outcome of her search for divine assistance threw more confusion into her life. The spiritualist had warned her to desist from being engaged to the man who had asked her hand in marriage. According to the seer, the two are not compatible and so doom could trail their union.

Heartbroken and downcast, the University of Port Harcourt graduate could not understand how, in a twinkle of an eye, a relationship that she had nurtured and sustained for five years could come crashing like a pack of cards. Her romance with Henry, her suitor, is known to all and sundry. In fact, friends and well-wishers have been looking forward to the formalisation of their union. But with the verdict of the spiritualist, those lofty expectations appear to have fizzled into thin air. This situation has left Nwachukwu deeply confused. Can she dismiss the prediction of the spiritualist and go on with life or should she tarry awhile and look out for another suitor? But time is running against her.

The 33-year-old’s situation is nothing strange these days. Young people of different ages and backgrounds across Nigeria now engage the services of spiritualists–pastors, Islamic clerics, astrologers and traditionalists – before making important marriage decisions. Even with so much education and exposure, many Nigerians still elect to believe a seer they don’t know rather than follow their hearts in making a choice of a life partner. According to latest findings by Saturday Punch, most of such spiritual predictions have largely been inaccurate.

Arit Ikpeme, a 34-year-old nurse working in one of the general hospitals in Lagos, told one of our correspondents how her father insisted she visit a spiritualist to ascertain if her fiancé, Etim, was the right man for her.

“The spiritualist was a female. She didn’t collect any money from us. She said I should open my palms and I did. She went into prayers and started mumbling. Later on, she said I should go ahead and marry the guy that he was the perfect man for me.”

But against all expectations, the verdict did not only backfire, it was one mistake Ikpeme said almost ruined her life.

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