Equal Rights for Women Anti-Islam

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An equal rights bill for women was thrown out of the Senate on Tuesday. This was reported by the Vanguard and it is a clear indication that as women the time has come for us to be more proactive. According to the report:


A bill seeking to guarantee women equal rights with their male counterparts, was, Tuesday, thrown out of the Senate plenary, when it was presented for consideration.

The bill, which was presented for consideration by Senator Biodun Olujimi, PDP, Ekiti South, incur the wrath of senators, mainly from the Northern part of the country, who did not only slam those behind it but also described it as anti-Islam.

But the bill’s sponsor,Senator Olujimi, in her lead debate,explained that its purpose was to permit women to have equal rights with men in marriages,education and employment.

She said this had become compelling in view of increasing discrimination against women in education and employment. The bill also sought to eliminate discrimination against any person irrespective of his gender on any ground including sexual violence against women.

According to Olujinmi, gender discrimination often makes women insecure, denies them meaningful employment and exposes them to discrimination and exploitation.

She said: “The fact that disparity of gendered pricing still exists within today’s society shows that women still continue to be disempowered in many aspects of economic life.

This is 2016 and even though the result of this attempt is bitingly disappointing, we are not deterred. A bill has been presented. They can throw it out as many times as they want, but it will be passed eventually.

When people read about equal rights for women, they think immediately of women bossing their husbands. But it is deeper than that. Equal rights for women means that a man will no longer be able to rape his wife and get away with it because the police view it as a ‘domestic matter.’

Equal rights for women means that a woman will no longer hold the same job title and responsibilities as a man an earn half his pay. She will be entitled to her full wages, just as a man would.

Equal rights for women means that regardless of religious views, a man will no longer be able to kidnap a girl and marry her forcefully; the police will have to do something about it.

So go ahead Honourable Senators and throw this bill out. Pat yourselves on the back for how you have saved your fragile egos. Throw it out as many times as you please but you are fighting a losing battle. That bill will be passed eventually. We are women and like it or not, we have the majority voting power. Eventually, we will decide to contest against you and we will vote for us.

Kudos to Senator Biodun Olujimi. We stand with you on the equal rights for women bill!


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