Fathers…You Need To Bond With Your Children [P1]

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This article addresses the male folk-better still the fathers and the bond they have with their children.

There is an understanding that children bond with their mother’s from the time they are conceived in the womb till birth. As the children grow up, this trend continues.

Here are a few tips that fathers need to know and apply in their daily life with their family.

1. As an expectant father, you should learn to bond with your babies.

2. Play with your wife’s growing stomach. Feel your baby’s movement in the stomach.
3. Speak to your unborn babies (especially when you know what sex your baby is if a scan has been taken-tell them you can’t wait to hold them in your arms to groom them to be respectful and responsible gentlemen. You can’t wait to make them see that all men are not the same, you can’t wait to listen to them and support them in life through their chosen career and make them feel secure by talking about whatever issues they have with you.
4. Film every moment you consider memorable.
5. Help them with homework, we understand you can be pretty busy but weekends are a sure time.
6. Ease your wife off the house chores by doing it with your children and encourage the boys that it’s not the place of the woman alone to see to it that the home is in order.
7. Take your children out on evening walks when you can.
8. Never shoo your children away when they want to have a moment with you.
9. Never use a game or toy or story books to fill the gap between you and your children.
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