Why You Need to Fight Tenaciously for the Life You Want

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Are you willing to fight tenaciously for what you believe in?


This is a question I wake up with every day. In the quest to create and build something greater than I am, I face a lot of challenges; several things which convince me each day that it’s time to finally give up. Yet I don’t.


The path I’ve chosen is a hard one and I get frustrated every single day. Being a mother and an entrepreneur is not easy. Sure, there are several women out there who have done it before, and are doing a pretty good job. But it takes a lot.



Yet I don’t give up.


I will fight tenaciously for what I believe in. For the future I see, for myself and for my children.


I read Strive Masiyiwa’s posts on Facebook and each one really resonates. By the way, if you don’t follow him on Facebook, you should.


Last week he wrote,  “I never made money from complaining, but from dealing with frustrations thrown at me!”


fight tenaciously for your future


I read that and it was a light bulb moment. (You can read the entire post here if you want).


As I fight tenaciously for the future I want, I got to discover that the fight was mostly internal. Sure, there were external factors that frustrated me; poor electricity, epileptic and slow internet, kids who won’t stop whining sometimes, meals that won’t cook themselves (that’s a startup worth considering by the way)…it just seems like there are so many demands on my time and I find these really frustrating.


fight tenaciously


But that’s not where the battle goes on.


It’s in the self-doubt. The fear that all this is an epic waste of time. The internal frustrations that are thrown at me.


I have been at this entrepreneurship thing for a while and I’m still at it. Somehow, I have refused to give up. I am still fighting those internal battles and learning how to deal with the frustrations thrown at me.


It has never been easy and I don’t expect it to get any easier.


fight tenaciously, don't quit


But I’m not quitting and neither should you.


No matter what path you choose in life, there will always be frustrations and battles raging in your mind, making you question yourself. You need to learn to fight tenaciously for that future you see. A famous quote by Walt Disney says “if you can dream it, you can do it.”


Hold on to that dream you’ve always had…the one that refused to die. And if you don’t have any like that, it’s time to create new dreams and then hold on to them. Hold on and don’t let go. Keep fighting for what you believe in.


Change the way you think.


It’s not about the curves life throws at you. It’s about what you do with them. Stop complaining. This week I am making a decision to look critically at the frustrations that are thrown at me and see how I can use them as a game changer.


Will you do the same?




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