Everything You Need To Know About The Right Way To Wear Jewelry

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Could there be a right way and wrong way to wear your jewelry collection? It seems that there is. If you have started building up your collection or you have been wearing jewels for years, you won’t want to miss these tips on how to show off your precious pieces with style.


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Diamonds are for when the sun goes down

Diamonds are a perfect jewelry investment but choosing where to buy your diamonds can be difficult. You can get a lot of help at yourdiamondguru.com where there is plenty of information on how to choose your diamond supplier. You can find out which retailers offer you the peace of mind that you need in terms of free shipping, buy back policies and multiple payment options.

When you do get your precious diamonds you should save them for the night time. Fashion gurus are adamant that diamonds are strictly not for the daytime.  At night, the stones luster and twinkle in artificial lights. Obviously, this does not apply to diamond engagement rings which can be worn whenever you want to.


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Delicate necklaces should not be worn alone

There is little point in wearing a single gold or silver delicate necklace because it is barely visible from a distance. They do look great, however, when they are layered. If you are going for the hippie chick look you can combine several delicate necklaces with chunkier ones. Layered necklaces can also give a gloriously romantic look especially when they are combined with pretty pendants.

You can wrap a delicate necklace around your wrist several times and secure as a lovely layered bracelet.


Diamond stud earrings need some company

Diamond stud earrings looked great on Sloanes in the eighties but they need a bit more work these days if you are going to carry them off successfully. The easiest thing is to get a second piercing and wear them both in the same ear.

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The rules about rings!

There are so many rules about rings that it is hard to keep up. There are even rules for men listed at businessinsider.com  and they make interesting reading! For ladies, it’s safe to just comply with a few dos and don’ts. If you are lucky enough to be given a family heirloom on your engagement, it is embarrassing to want to get it changed. However, neither should you have to wear a ring that you hate. It is acceptable for you to change the setting but never the stones.

If your loved one is buying you an eternity ring, remember that the diamonds must stretch all of the way around the ring. Initials on signet rings are completely out of the question. You must stick to family crests only. Avoid wearing a ring on your middle finger unless it is a huge stone.

The rule used to be that you could never combine platinum with gold in a ring but that no longer applies. If you like it, go for it!





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