How to Apply Mascara: Makeup Tips

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Only very few women, do not apply makeup. Make up has a way of making the face come to live, in the sense that it makes the face brighter and most time if applied correctly makes a woman look beautiful.

Simple Tips on how to Apply Mascara:

  • Ensure you apply other makeup such as foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner first before applying your mascara.
  • Open the mascara and rub the end of the mascara applicator on the inside rim of the mascara tube to get excess off.
  • Position yourself comfortably in front of a mirror.
  • Place the mascara at the root of your eyelashes and gently pull it up to the end of your lashes.
  • Repeat this procedure across your eyelashes, making sure to get every lash.
  • Use a lash comb and gently pull up through the lashes.This should be done before the mascara dries up.
  • Remove mascara smudges with makeup remover, by placing a cotton bud on the top of the smudge, and gently rotate in place you have the smudge until it comes off.

Mascara is an important tool used in applying eye makeup and a most have because it makes the eyes look more attractive.

Practice makes perfect,  keep practicing and before you know it, you are a Pro.


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