Tips to Turn Back the Clock and Look Ten Years Younger

There’s nothing wrong with growing old gracefully, but if we’re honest, most of us would jump at the chance of maintaining our youthful good looks. Are you one of these people? Well, do I have good news for you! There are lots of things you can do to look younger on a budget. Here are some of the most effective:


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Get a Glycolic Peel


It sounds a bit scary, but a glycolic peel is basically a facemask that will remove the top layer of your skin, exposing the younger, more radiant skin below to the world, giving you an instant makeover without having to go under the knife! You can find the best glycolic acid peel here. Just make sure that you read the instructions before use, to avoid any beauty mishaps!


Whiten Your Teeth


Whitening your teeth will immediately take years off your face because, as we get older our teeth often get more discoloured. By having them whitened, either professionally, or using a good tooth whitening kit at home, you can, then, fool people into thinking you’re younger than your years.


moisturize to look younger




Yes, moisturising your skin really can help you to appear more youthful, especially if you do it every morning and evening, using a high-quality product like some of the moisturizes here. You’ll get an immediate lift after the first use, and after a few months, you should notice your skin is looking younger. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck!


Limit Your Sugar Intake


We all know that sugar causes cavities and weight gain, but did you know that it can also cause your skin to appear more wrinkled? That’s because sugar, when consumed produces glycation, which interferes with collagen production, ageing us before our time. Replace your sugar with more fruits, vegetables and water – all things which are good for the skin – for even better results.


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Cut Your Hair


Have you ever wondered why so many mature women have short hair? It isn’t a coincidence. You see, short hair can actually give you a more youthful appearance. I’, not exactly sure why this works, but for most women, it really does.


Buy Tailored Clothing


A bra that fits you perfectly and clothing that is tailored to your shape will improve your posture and take the years off. They’ll probably make you look a lot slimmer too!


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Wear Heels


Flat shoes can end up looking dowdy, whereas a nice pair of heels looks cute, sexy and young. They also help to improve poor posture, and if there’s one thing that will make you look older it’s poor posture!


Use Concealer


Not only should you use concealer to hide your dark circles if you want to look young and fresh-faced, but you should also use it to brighten up your face by dabbing it at the corners of your eyes, lips and the outer part of your nostrils. Trust me, it works!


Be confident to look younger


Be Confident


Finally, there is nothing that will make you look and feel younger more than holding yourself with complete confidence!



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