Giving Skin Care Advice For Your Man (Without Nagging!)

Women spend a lot of time on their evening skincare routine, their hair and their general hygiene on a day to day basis. Men? Men love some soap and water in the shower and that’s about it when it comes to grooming. That’s a generalisation of course, but on the whole a skincare routine is as alien as to a man as going to the bathroom standing up is for a woman. If your man is getting up and splashing a little soap and water on his skin and rushing out of the door, it’s time for a little skin education!



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When it comes to male grooming, it’s often at the request (hear nagging) of a spouse or partner for a change to happen for his own good. Men just don’t have the same inclination to care for their skin at the depth that women do, but with a little help you can ensure that your man gets into good habits and takes care of himself. It’s all about putting his best face forward every day, so why not give him a little nudge? Follow the tips below and you can reach skincare success!



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1. Schedule A Facial. The next time you head to your beautician or spa, make it a couple’s thing! Men LOVE facials and any man who says he doesn’t simply hasn’t had one! It’s a great birthday gift and a wonderful way to bond together as a couple.

2. Buy Products. A full routine of cleanse, tone, steam, moisturise, etc may be a little much to remember for your husband, so keep it simple. Pick up a good facewash and moisturiser for afterwards, and make sure his aftershave is a soothing one. If you buy a proper safety razor for him to minimise cuts and grazes, you can make such a difference to the way his skin looks. Don’t overcomplicate it and he will thank you for it later! Buying cheap razors can shred the skin and make the surface look sore and craggy earlier than necessary.

3. Notice! You probably spend a lot of time ensuring that your skin looks beautiful and radiant. When someone compliments you on your skin and how fresh you look, it feels good. The same works for men; notice his efforts, complement his new routine and how it’s making his skin look.

4. Refill. Keep an eye on the product use and refill his products as needed so that he can continue doing his routine without forgetting.


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Support is needed when it comes to changing up a routine. Aftershave that is hydrating and moisturisers that are a little pricier than a dollar store brand are an absolute must. Help with a routine can make such a difference to how he feels about himself, so it’s not all just about him looking amazing. Your support for his routine is going to keep him motivated to keep it going, so don’t mess it up by mocking his poor skin care!



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