Not Blessed With An Amazing Bone Structure? You Can Get Tighter, Tauter Skin Anyway

The trend for contouring has revealed what we all secretly want… the perfect bone structure. High cheekbones, tight skin on our faces and necks and all our best features highlighted. With makeup, you can cheat your way to this aspirational look, but with a little hard work, you could have this dream become a reality…


Say Goodbye To Saggy Skin


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Our skin can start to sag for a number of reasons. Aging is one of the most common reasons. Unfortunately, as our skin sags we loose the definition that most of us crave and that plump youthful skin. The problem is we produce less elastin as we age. Elastin is responsible for keeping our skin in check and not allowing it to sag out of shape. Another reason for saggy skin is sudden weight loss.


Come Out Cheekbones!




Firm and tight skin is the best way to see your natural bone structure, cheekbones and all! Eating healthily is actually a great way to get tighter skin. Getting a facelift can be an extreme and pricey step for some, but eating food rich in antioxidants isn’t. Antioxidants can help to get rid of free radicals and boost collagen production. Both good news for those wanting to get rid of saggy skin. Selenium is also great. It helps to encourage elasticity in the skin, meaning it won’t stretch out of shape instead it will bounce back. Finally, pomegranate juice contains anthocyanins which strengthen the blood vessels, meaning nutrients can be easily transported to the skin.


Get Your Skin Its Glow Back


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The secret to firmer looking skin is to exercise it… kind of. Just like other areas of the body, to become tighter exercise and movement is needed. In terms of your skin, this is far easier than going for a run. Target that double chin by tilting your head back, mouth closed, and look at the ceiling. Act as though you are chewing or try moving your chin up and down. If you’re worried about a saggy neck breathe in deeply with your mouth closed, then repeat, you will feel your neck tightening. Want cheekbones that pop? Sucking your cheeks in repeatedly is said to make our cheekbones more enhanced.


Cream Of The Crop


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Face creams are another great way to get some glow and definition in your face. A moisturizing face cream can lock moisture into the skin and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Similarly firming creams with keratin in them so a great job of tightening skin and revealing a beautiful bone structure.



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