Skin Saviours: Trends Which Really Work

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The world of skincare is constantly evolving. It can be difficult to keep up. Not just that, but it can be difficult to know what to spend your hard earned money on and what to give a miss. With new ingredients and slightly tweaked formulas coming out all the time it can be confusing. These are some of the skincare trends it is worth knowing about. From plumping creams to retinol, here’s the low-down…


Beauty That Starts From Within


Skincare trends yogurt and strawberries


It’s being increasingly widely documented that what we eat and drink has an effect on our skin. A specific example of this is the probiotic trend which has taken off, and some high profile names swear by. The idea behind this trend is that bacteria in the gut interacts with the immune system, this results in changes in our skin. The harmful bacteria in our gut can lead to inflammation.


Probiotics, topical and ingestible are said to help as they are good bacteria. The idea is that these probiotics could even help to prevent certain skin conditions. The healthy bacteria help to create and strengthen the skin’s barrier and reduce inflammation. You can get more probiotics into your diet by eating things like yogurt, kombucha, and miso soup. Alternatively, you can take a supplement.


Hyaluronic Acid



Skincare trends hydraulic acid

This acid isn’t one of those skincare ingredients that are purely a fad. It really does work. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance which helps support youthful looking skin. It works by keeping the skin stable and safe, plus it constantly renews our skin cells. It can also retain a large amount of moisture, keeping skin supple and hydrated.


The fact that this acid can hold so much moisture is what makes it so special in terms of anti-aging. Youthful skin is able to retain water and keep levels of moisture balanced. Unfortunately the older we get the less our skin is able to do this. This results in a lack of plumpness and suppleness. By using this ingredient you can encourage more moisture and renew the skin’s outer layers. Plus it lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are plenty of products which contain this super new ingredient. Check out skincare forums like for product inspiration and reviews.





skincare trends retinoids

Retinoids rival hyaluronic acid in terms of popularity. People tend to start using them around their mid-twenties to address fine lines. Basically, retinoids exfoliate the skin and encourage skin cells to turnover, leaving fresh new ones in their place. It not only treats fine lines but acne, scarring and sun damage too. You may experience some minor irritation when you first start to use retinoids. Make sure you listen to your skin and stop using your products for a little while if this is the case.




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