Skin Tips: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Acne

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Last week on skin tips, I talked about the causes of adult acne. There are many reasons why you might have acne as an adult and understanding the source can help you fight this skin condition. Click here to read last week’s post.

Below we have mentioned a few ways you can get rid of acne. These are skin tips that are tried and trusted.

Skin Tips - Acne

1. Look for products with the following ingredients


 Salicylic acid – also called beta-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid works by gently exfoliating to open clogged pores. This ingredient is found in lots ‘of over the counter’ products and it is gentle enough to be used on your entire face.

Benzoyl Peroxide – works by actually killing the acne bacteria while exfoliating at the same time. It’s not very gentle and would make your skin dry and irritable if used in excess. It’s better to use it as a spot treatment.

Sulphur – has a drying effect and draws oil out of the skin. It should also be used as a spot treatment. It is majorly found in face masks.

Glycolic acid – this is an exfoliating ingredient targeting both acne and wrinkles.

Retinol – one of the most effective treatments for acne and a highly effective anti-aging ingredient. It’s a bit too harsh for sensitive skin though.


2. Exfoliation

This is the most important thing you can do on a regular basis to fight and prevent  acne. The importance f exfoliation cannot be over emphasized.


3. Always keep a spot treatment handy

Benzoyl peroxide should be your best friend when looking for a spot treatment. Dab it on the trouble spot to kill bacteria and dry it out.


4. Look for products that also fight inflammation

Inflammation causes the redness and swelling when you have breakouts. Look for antioxidants to help calm the irritation.


5. You may need more than topical treatments

If your hormones have gone crazy, all the topical treatments in the world won’t fix it. Visit a dermatologist to prescribe medications and further treatments.


6. Choose the right base

Don’t just grab any foundation to cover your skin. Most of the powders and foundations readily available are heavy and clog up your skin.  Look out for formulas that are oil-free and have water as their first ingredient. There are medicated concealers which treat spots as they conceal. Use it under your foundation for a natural looking finish.


7. Call in the Professionals

An appointment with a skin therapist  or esthetician is worth every kobo, even if it is just to have a one-off session to discuss your skin’s needs and how to treat it. Appropriate skincare products would also be recommended.

Even though acne occurs mostly on people with oily skin, other skin types can have a bout of acne.

Drop any questions or concerns about your skin tips in the comment box.

Have a super duper SPAlicious day!


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