House Help Woes

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Most likely, everyone who has ever had a house help has one horror storyor the other to tell. And for those who have never had any help or any story, we’re pretty sure you know people who have gone through one terrible experience or the other. One of our Naija Housewives had a boy she thought was an angel; he was smart, quick and very attentive. You didn’t have to ask twice to get him to do something and he acted really fond of the family. Until one day when they discovered that he had been robbing them blind; stealing everything he could lay his hands on.

That’s the milder form. A more sinister story we heard was an elderly couple who got a young man to help around the house because the man had a stroke and was in a wheel chair. Right in front of the helpless man, the help strangled his madam and cleared the entire house. So this story is an extreme, but house help woes are very real.

This Naija Housewife experienced her own house help woes and got stuck on replay. The story is sad, but also hilarious. Read her experience here.

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