3 Things to Help Keep Your Kids Busy During School Holidays

Summer holiday is just around the corner and we know some parents are already wringing their hands, wondering how to keep the children occupied. Well, never fear people, we’re here to the rescue with this guest post about keeping kids busy during school holidays.


school holidays tips for parents


School holidays may be a joyous occasion for the kids, but it can be quite a stressful time for the parents! Anybody who has kids or ever babysat a few will agree just how difficult it is to keep kids happily busy.

With that in mind we provide you X things you can do for your kids to keep all the complaining to a bare minimum:

1: Internet to the Rescue:

Having a good broadband connection can really solve most of your concerns regarding what entertainment options to provide to your kids. From streaming and/or downloading Disney movies, cartoon shows, online video games etc. the options provided by the internet are pretty endless. Additionally, you may even look at fun DIYs activities on websites like Pinterest which you can make your kids do when once they have had their internet fix.


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2: Getting Active During the School Holidays:

There may be some parents who may not be too in favour of their kids spending all their free time with their tablets in hand. They would much rather prefer having their kids play with physical toys and learning a thing or two which may benefit them in practical life. Numerous studies highlight the benefits of playing with toys; kids get to learn social skills, polish their motor abilities etc.

If you have the time you can take this as an opportunity to join your kids in their play activities. This would help you strengthen your relationship with your kids.


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3: Set Up a Picnic:

A school holiday can also work as an excuse to spend some time outdoors. You can pack some homemade food like sandwiches, cookies, lemonade etc. and head out to the local park, find a nice spot and settle down! If you happen to live in an area where there is no park you can make use of the backyard.

The bottom line is to get out of the house and get your systems some fresh air.

You can take things on another level too by taking your kids for some wildlife viewing adventure! Whale watching, for example, is an unforgettable experience. Your kids might forget that picnic they had in their backyard but they will never forget what it was like looking at the gentle giants making appearances.  

However, this might need some pre-planning on your part as you will have to check the dates and the availability of the number of seats you want to book on the whale watching cruise and other details like that. The good part is that some of the service providers provide you with the option to check out the dates and make bookings online. This makes planning for the whale watching trip so much easier.

We can only say this that all of the planning is going to be so worth it and your kids will love you for it.

Hopefully, some of these options will help you keep the kids busy during the school holidays.



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