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If you’re interested in the beauty section of our website, it’s likely that you’re a gorgeous soul looking for the greatest way to show your best to the world. As anyone concerned with beauty knows, maintaining a great look is not a singular feat, but a habit. Looking beautiful is a passion, an interest, an art. It’s a hobby which helps us feel more confident and happier in our skin.  Of all the hobbies you could be a part of, one that gives you this result is surely important to enjoy.


For that reason, it’s important to have a solid morning plan to maintain your beauty. We’ve collected a number of daily habits to help your beauty take on new light:


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Removing Makeup


After a day of looking glamorous, it’s important to take your makeup off at the end of the day. This will prevent any oils and pores from being blocked at night, and will help reduce the production of blackheads or those pesky zits. Impurities can ruin the best of facial makeup, so if you’re investing in premium brands, it’s important to take care of your skin to look your best. Just as an artist would use a clean canvas before painting their masterpiece, making sure your skin is clear and free of any makeup at night will give yourself room to look wonderful all over again in the morning.


Treat Acne


Acne comes for us all in some form. Some people are lucky, and will only experience zits from time to time. Some of us are less lucky, and must manage our conditions from a young age. It’s best to find the best products for your skin, ones which are natural and help contribute to a healthy skin PH. At the Nourished Life, coconut oil is used to clear skin impurities and soothe even the fiercest acne. Acne can be a real confidence killer, so taking steps to rectify it will help you feel as gorgeous as you actually are.

You can also check our post on how to use natural ingredients for glowing skin.


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Wash Hair Intermittently


It might be tempting, but you mustn’t wash your hair every day of your life. This can rob it of its essential oils and natural balances. It’s important to only wash your hair with the correct shampoo for your hair type twice a week. You should rinse it with water and dry it most days, and of course wash if subject to greasy or dirty substances. If you do this, your hair will maintain its luxurious natural shine over the full course of the week. If you have short hair, you can get away with washing it more frequently, but should still exercise temperance. Beautiful hair helps you feel gorgeous!




No matter what your usual beauty routine consists of, you should be moisturizing in the right way. Once, twice or three times a day is usually enough provided you are using the right products. If you can, use something like E45 lotion as a base for sensitive skin and to reduce any irritation that occurs as a result of general skin wear and tear. You should also moisturize on top of that with a normal, ph friendly moisturizer to help tighten your skin. This could be an anti-wrinkle cream or another product of your choice. It’s jump important that you do it.


Another helpful tip for those looking to avoid impurities pushing into their skin at night is to place a fresh, clean towel over your pillow each night. This new surface will help your skin avoid irritation which can lead to zits or blackheads, which in turn prevent the ability to moisturize well.


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Eat Well


As with any advice that relates to your body, eating well will give you a much more glowing and radiant face. Cutting out (for the most part,) drinking caffeine, alcohol, greasy and fatty foods, while completely cutting out smoking will help clear up your skin more than anything other. Drinking plenty of water each day will also help you look at your best no matter who you are, as it can revitalize your skin. If you’re having trouble, consider researching online the best diets to eat. Stay away from too doughy foods, or foods high in saturated fat.


When you’re doing this, you might as well exercise to achieve the full benefits. This can help your face shred the pounds. We all know that a lovely, attractive face is often a slim one, so taking control of your health may even unlock hidden realms of beauty you never even thought you possessed. You can trust us when we say you’re likely much more beautiful than you think or give yourself credit for.




While removing makeup at the end of the day is important, knowing what to choose is just as crucial. Basic lines of makeup can help you look better of course, but investing in the more premium brands can give you beauty even Cleopatra would be envious of. Many big names have come out with their own incredible lines, and some are better than others. Kylie Jenner’s lip kits are of course part of the cultural norm now, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less gorgeous or make your lips look any less full.


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Rihanna’s Fenty face is perfect if your skin tone is not as well represented by the normal range of skincare, helping you positively pop with beautiful color. After all, makeup should highlight your strengths, not distract from your weaknesses. Using makeup well is all about accentuating your face, rather than creating a new face.


This also brings us to a sticky point – makeup applications. It’s likely that even if you have been doing your own makeup for a good amount of years, you aren’t as well versed in some manners of application as you truly think. Be sure to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube to truly help your look shine, and learn new tips and techniques for doing so. There are so many incredible YouTubers which offer ways you can feel beautiful naturally, and best of all it’s free.


With these tips, you’re sure to enter 2018 looking like the natural beauty you are deep down.



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