How to Celebrate Your Child’s First Birthday

Your child’s first birthday is worth celebrating, whether they themselves will be able to enjoy and remember it in years to come or not. You see, this birthday is a milestone that signifies, for both you and them, that growth is occurring. And this growth should be celebrated! To see just how it should be celebrated, make sure to read on.



Capture the moments


One of the most important things that you should be doing on your child’s first birthday, or at least around the time of it, is capturing everything you can either on photograph or video. By doing so you will give your children something to look back on, and maybe even laugh at, when they are old enough to understand what it is they are seeing. Now, this capturing could come in the form of allowing a professional family and newborn photographer to take photos of you and your little one that will be worthy of being hung in your home. Or, this could simply mean taking photos or videos on your phone. Whatever capturing method you go with, however, just make sure that the media is saved and backed up so as to ensure that these moments last a lifetime.


child's first birthday camera
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Keep the actual celebrations simple


When it comes to actual celebrating the birthday by throwing a party, remember to keep it simple. You should do this because, quite frankly, your child will not see the day as being any different to any other day, and when you go all out with the party it will seem as if you are throwing the party for yourself rather than for them. And, this would then take away the spotlight from your child, regardless of if they know it is on them or not.


Make sure you enjoy yourself


But, this is not to say that the day or the celebrations aren’t about you in some way, because they are. They are because they mark an anniversary in your life that is, one, very important to you, and two, symbolises that you have come through one of the toughest but one of the most rewarding years you will ever face. Because this is the case, you should make sure you enjoy whatever celebrations that you host for your child.


first birthday
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Be careful with who you invite to the party


If you do decide to host a party, then you should be careful with who you invite and how many people you invite. You should do so because this may be the first time your child is able to grasp the fact that they are surrounded by a big group of people, and having people there that scare them or people there that they do not know may scar them for life in regards to being around others. Also, your child may already be fearful of strangers, and do you really want them to be scared on their first birthday? In fact, scaring your child is something that you should never be doing!


When it comes to celebrating your child’s first birthday, just remember that although this will only come around once, it doesn’t mean you need pressure yourself to get it all spot on. If things go wrong, they go wrong!


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