Marriage Breakups: How To Do It Without Affecting The Kids

Editor’s Note: Usually, we try not to focus too much on the ‘breakup’ part of marriages, but it is a fact of life and we can’t run away from it. Marriage breakups are hard. Recently, a personal friend had to deal with this and we know that this is a topic that is very much needed. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Breakups and kids


No parents want to think about what might happen if they fall out of love. However, that is something many people will face at some point during their lives. Statistics show that around 50% of US marriages end in divorce these days. With that in mind, it’s important people remember that the kids are the most important thing they need to consider. Bad breakups could affect them in many different adverse ways. So, all parents need to use the advice from this page to limit the impact. When all’s said and done, nobody can change the way they feel. Still, they can adjust the way they act to protect their children.


Handling breakups


Get legal help straight away


If both partners are 100% sure the marriage is over, they should get in touch with legal representatives as soon as possible. That should contribute towards reducing the number of disagreements in the household. Of course, it could also mean that both partners get the spousal support they require. Explain the ins and outs of the situation to a lawyer, and let them know you want them to act in a fair manner. Far too many solicitors try to take ex-partners to the cleaners. That is not a wise move when there are kids to think about in the situation. It’s much better to make reasonable requires and become amicable. Legal specialists can help with:


  • Custody issues
  • Property disputes
  • The allocation of funds


Try mediation services


If there are any disagreements during the legal process, and people can’t keep their relationship alive, couples should think about contacting mediation services. That involves both parties sitting down together to discuss the issue and come to a rational agreement. In most instances, the courts will want people to do that before they process the divorce. Individuals who need to find mediators just need to check online or ask their lawyer for information. There are establishments located all over the country, and so individuals shouldn’t have to travel too far. Mediation is excellent for:


  • Making decisions about the children
  • Getting a fair financial settlement
  • Discussing the partition of property


Kids, breakups and more


Never argue in front of the children


All parents need to understand that arguing in front of the kids is a terrible idea. There are many potentially harmful outcomes. For instance, the child might decide to side with one parent over the other. They might also become upset and remember the event long into their adult years. Things like that can affect kids, and so parents need to use some common sense. If there is a bad atmosphere in the home, avoid talking to each other altogether. Just communicate during sessions with the mediator.

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Marriage breakups are never happy occasions, but they don’t have to turn into an all-out war with the ex-partner. We are all rational adults, and so it’s vital that we make educated and reasonable decisions. Do it for the welfare and benefit of the kids if nothing else. When all’s said and done, they haven’t done anything wrong. Young people just want to know that both of their parents love them. So, don’t forget to tell the child that every day during the divorce process.


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