Movie Review ~ Two Brides and a Baby

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Two Brides and a Baby is a romantic comedy about a wedding that went wrong. Keche and Bankole are about to get married. The entire drama starts at their wedding rehearsal when Bankole’s ex-girlfriend shows up. The groom-to-be is immediately destabilized. This sparks off a series of events which are humorous and somehow touching especially as these events directly touch the lives of their closest and dearest friends.

The part of Bankole is acted by OC Ukeje and the actor brings that part to life in an astonishing way. He throws himself into the part of the anguished and confused groom-to-be, who keeps going from one pot of hot water into another and performs brilliantly. After a short time, you find yourself rooting for him and hoping he comes out of this on top.

Keche is acted brilliantly by Keira Hewatch. Keche is not a person you might like. In fact, at a point I found myself wondering what on earth Bankole was doing with a person like that. She’s short tempered, argumentative, a dictator and just an all-round awful person. However, the brilliance of the story comes to play in the way she is forced to grow up in a hurry. She gets to a place where she has to decide if she loves Bankole enough to fight for him.

Keche and Bankole were not the only characters in this story. Star actress Stella Damasus, played the part of the ex-girlfriend who came to wreck vengeance on the man who dumped her years before. Kalu Ikeagwu brought an extra something to the movie. We had wonderful performances from people like Chelsea Eze, Blessing Effiom, and Okey Uzoeshi.

Two Brides and a Baby was written and produced by Blessing Effiom and is a heart-warming story. There was the right blend of romance, suspense, intrigue and humor. I loved every bit of this movie and watching it, it became clear that Nollywood has indeed come of age. The cinematography was spectacular, but the location was breathtakingly beautiful.

If you’re looking for a nice feel-good movie which will help you relax, Two Brides and a Baby would be perfect.

We give this movie 4 stars.


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