When Skincare Got Healthy

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In today’s image obsessed society we have become all too aware of just what we are putting into our bodies. The dawn of the new millennium brought with it a new found tendency to replace chemical laden foodstuffs with purer and more natural ingredients which soon became commonly known as ‘superfoods’.


berries for skincare


A ‘superfood’ is a non-medical term used to refer to any naturally occurring foodstuff which is thought to have health promoting properties thanks to a high content of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.




The superfood revolution had begun and in the early stages we began to incorporate berries, a popular source of goodness, into our diets in vast quantities hoping to benefit from their high levels of vitamin c (a powerful antioxidant), vitamin k and manganese.


natural skincare


It wasn’t long before the humble berry was joined by avocado, spinach leaf, Spirulina (a type of freshwater algae) and celebrity favourite kale.  All these ingredients began to regularly feature on our shopping lists in our determined pursuit of health, wellbeing and a nutritious diet which was capable of boosting immunity, regulating cholesterol and reducing blood pressure levels.


And it wasn’t just our diets that stood to benefit from these new super ingredients. Before long the beauty industry too had recognised the trend towards these powerful new superfoods and soon began incorporating them into their product ranges. Cosmetic giants began replacing chemical ingredients in their skincare lines with natural plant and fruit extracts, allowing their customers to realign their beauty regimes to their healthy five-a-day lifestyles.


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Plant Based Skincare


The concept that natural plant and fruit extracts could deliver results was appealing and exciting. Imagine, a V shape face serum that was packed with nutrition from natural plant extracts and could firm and define our features to give the appearance of a slimmer more contoured face. What could be better?


Berry Beauty


Acai berries, hailed the healthiest of them all, were infused into facial moisturisers with their intense hydrating properties helping to maintain the skin’s natural elasticity. Blueberries were no longer confined to the fruit bowl but were now to be found in facial cleansers thanks to their powerful antioxidants which fight the free radicals that can damage and break down our skin to cause premature ageing.




The result being improved skin texture, tone and firmness. Similarly Kale is now an active ingredient in skincare creams and lotions used for the treatment of rosacea and stretch marks and it is also believed to speed us the skin’s healing process to minimise bruising, swelling and scarring post surgery.

So not only have the supermarket shelves undergone a healthy new makeover but so have the beauty aisles. Natural ingredients are no longer restricted to cottage industries selling ‘free from..’ products but are now championed by big brand leaders in today’s multi million pound beauty industry.

So, contrary to popular belief, it would appear that beauty is not only skin deep after all. Just take a look inside your bathroom cabinet and ask ‘when did skincare get so healthy’?



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