Moving Your Toddler from Cot to Bed: Toddlers Corner

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Moving a toddler from sleeping in a cot to a bed is not an easy task. Not all toddlers sleep in cots though, some started sleeping in beds right from when they were born. This article is centered on toddlers who started sleeping in cots and now want to be moved to sleeping in a bed.

For some toddlers they are excited about this huge change, while others may not be keen on this new development, because they are being taken out from their comfort zone to a non familiar territory.

One sign to look out for to know if your toddler is ready to this new change is if the child is able to climb out of or into a cot without any assistance, the child may be sending signals to you by doing this that he or she is now a big baby and is ready to move. To make things easier for you, you can remove the cot and put a bed in that exact spot. You can also get your child to help out in setting up the new bed; he or she would see it as a fun activity and would not make a fuss when it is time to move in.


Most times parents move toddlers to a bed when they are expecting another baby, it is advisable not to move the toddler when the baby arrives because there may be sibling rivalry, try moving the toddler to the bed weeks before the baby is due, so when the baby finally arrives, the toddler would have forgotten why he was moved to a bed already.


It is easier to later-born children to switch from cot to bed because they are excited on joining their older sister or brother on the bed. No matter how excited your toddler is on switching from sleeping in a cot to a bed, there are some measures you need to put in place for your child to be safe because it means the child can easily get out of the bed. You need to put a guardrail or something that would prevent him from falling off the bed while sleeping, remove all electrical appliances and toys that can be of harm, remove pillows and teddy bears because they may cause suffocation.  Check the child from time to time to see if he or she is okay.

Most importantly remember that the switch from a cot to a bed is a milestone for your toddler and also for you as a parent, because it is a sign that your little baby is growing up.






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