Naija Housewives’ 30 Days Prayer For Your Husband

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Naija Housewives are praying

Hello everyone and welcome to the NH 30 Days of Prayer for your husband. For the whole of July, we will be praying for our husband and sharing prayer guides here on the site. We will link to the Facebook page, so if you are mostly on our Naija Housewives’ Facebook page, you are covered.

We firmly believe that prayer CAN change things. It doesn’t matter if you are going through financial difficulties, or emotional difficulties…you might be having problems with your marriage and you know you are headed for the rocks… WELL, it’s time to stop fretting and thinking and wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into and give it to God.

Prayer can turn your situation around…but most importantly, prayer WILL turn YOU around. It will change the way you see things, your way of thinking and will help you find the wisdom and resourcefulness to handle what comes your way. You will find ways of communicating with your husband so that he gets it.

So if you’re ready to pray, come on board. Check every morning for a prayer guide. This is not what you will expect or what you will get in other places. It is an unusual prayer guide, but it is inspired to take you through a Prayer Journey which will bring you to a place of peace.

Before we begin though, you have to commit to this challenge. For the month we are praying:

1. You cannot say anything negative to your husband.

2. Don’t speak negatively about your husband to anyone.

That’s all we’re asking. We want our prayers to be a sweet smelling offering to God. So many of us are coming from a place of deep pain and frustration. This is the time to tell God your heart’s desires.

Let’s Pray!




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