Definite Signs You Need A Wardrobe Overhaul

Are you starting to get sick of the sight of your clothes? Wondering why you just don’t feel good when you leave the house anymore? Your clothes have more of an impact on your life than you realize. Not only do they make a first impression when somebody sees you, they also impact your mood in a big way. If you dress smart, then you’re going to feel productive and focused. If you dress nice and casual, you’ll probably feel happy and relaxed. If you dress in your sweats, you’re probably not going to want to do much other than slob out!


signs you need a wardrobe overhaul


Some say it doesn’t matter what you wear, but the way you feel really does matter. Here  are definite signs you need to overhaul your wardrobe:


You Can’t Ever Find Anything To Wear

Are you one of those people who have a meltdown every time it’s time to get dressed? Maybe you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but you can never find anything nice to wear. This is a huge sign that you need a wardrobe overhaul. Usually, this happens to people when their wardrobes are full of impulse buys that they didn’t think about properly before buying. As a rule, you should ensure that the item you’re going to buy can be worn with at least 3 other things in your wardrobe. If possible, avoid buying things on impulse.


wardrobe overhaul signs


You Don’t Feel Good In Your Outfits

If you don’t feel good in your outfits, then you definitely need an overhaul. Maybe you’ve lost some weight, put on some weight, or had them for a long time. Pay attention to how you feel in your outfits and you’ll know if you need to go shopping or not. You should only ever buy items that you love and feel amazing in. Ideally, they will be high quality to stand the test of time. It’s always better to buy something that’s a little more expensive and have it last years, than something a little cheaper that will last weeks.


wardrobe issues



You Envy Others

Do you look at interesting news stories on celebrity fashion and feel envious? Maybe you envy your favorite bloggers, or even your friends. You shouldn’t want anybody else’s clothes if you love your own. The ideal wardrobe will be a number of things:

  • You’ll have lots of items that can be switched up to create different combinations.
  • You’ll have plenty of texture.
  • You’ll love the color scheme – some people like to make sure they stick to similar colors with their outfits.
  • You’ll love the fit.


If you love all of the above about your outfits, it won’t matter if your clothes are designer or not. You shouldn’t feel envious of other wardrobes!


You Only Wear A Few Items

Reaching for the same few items again and again? Figure out what it is you like about those pieces and then make sure you remember that when you shop. Work out what it is about the items you don’t wear too!


wardrobe crisis


You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

People change. It’s OK if your clothes don’t feel like ‘you’ anymore. Figure out what your new personal style is and go ahead and do it!



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