Product Review: Chi Happy Hour Fruit Drink

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Product Review: Chi Happy Hour Fruit Drink

Chi Happy Hour drink is a light refreshing drink for children. It has a nice peach flavor and is mostly water-based. It is a product from the stable of the Chi group and we are focusing on the 250ml pack, which was made specifically for children.

The ingredients listed on the pack include Water, Sucrose, Peach Fruit Concentrate and Compound, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid and Stabilizer.

What we loved

There are quite a number of things we love about Chi Happy Hour Fruit Drink. We love how portable it is; it can easily fit into the children’s lunch box. Also, it is mostly a water base and the sugar content is low, which is great for children.

We tested it on our children and they loved it. They stopped asking for their regular drink and always ask for this one.

If you find that you always need to dilute your kids’ drinks with water, then you should try out Chi Happy Hour Fruit Drink. It’s mostly water, not too sweet and best of all, the children like it.

So what we loved….

  • – It’s mostly water
  • – It’s not too sweet
  • – It’s easy to pack
  • – It’s affordable

What we didn’t like

Actually, there wasn’t anything we did not like. We really enjoyed reviewing this product and so did our children. 🙂


A small carton containing 24 mini packs of Chi Happy Hour Fruit Drink costs from 1150 Naira to 1200 Naira.

Each individual pack costs: 50 Naira


Chi Happy Hour Fruit Drink is available in two flavours:

  • Peach
  • Tropical Fruit


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