Productivity Tips :Determination

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In whatever you set out to do, you must be determined to have it done else you would fail!!!!

Trials, obstacles, setbacks, difficulties will come, but how you handle them will determine if you will succeed or fail.

There are times when those around you, will say and do things that will make you begin to doubt yourself and the goals you have set out to achieve, but how determined you are, will make you look pass their doubts and evil sayings and make you produce your end results.

We are in a country, were most things are not the way they are supposed to be, for example we often generate our own electricity, water and other little things, this can take a toll on our business and can make us feel like we are not doing enough, because most of the money generated in the business is often times channeled back to the same business, thereby causing you to believe there is no profit in your business.

But remember how determined you are to forge ahead, despite all these will make you succeed in the said business.

Majority of businesses crash in Nigeria every passing day, not because people do not have the idea on how to run them, but because they are not determined to make it work.

Determination is a vital key for one to be productive in whatever the person does in life.


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