Productivity Tips: Productive things to do when Unemployed


[media-credit id=1 align=”alignnone” width=”479″]Productivity[/media-credit]In Nigeria, millions of people are unemployed and this has become a great problem in the country.

The period of Unemployment is a very difficult time for people, they get depressed, broke and in some cases even go to the extreme of contemplating to commit suicide. For some they even graduated tops in class but due to circumstances, they have been unable to secure a job.

The time spent feeling depressed and rejected can be channeled into developing yourself. The sad truth is nobody wants to be around someone who is depressed.

The word Productivity does not only apply to those who are working, it applies to every individual in life. Whether you are married or single, working or out of job, etc. To achieve our goals in life, we all need to be productive.

Ways to be Productive even when Unemployed:

  1. Learn a skill: you can learn how to bake, cook, makeup. If you have a friend who is an expert in any of this fields, you can liaise with her so she teaches you for free or a at a subsidized fee.
  2. Do a part time work or be a freelancer: while waiting for that dream job, you can work as an intern and earn little pay.
  3. Learn a new language:  you can learn how to speak a new language, in Nigeria there are diverse languages, you can ask someone to teach you one or two.
  4. Go back to school: you can go back to school to get a doctorate or get a second degree.
  5. Volunteer: you can volunteer to work in a place. For example you can volunteer to help you friend or relative in her saloon, beauty shop etc.
  6. Start a Small scale business: there are several businesses that are not capital intensive, you can start one. While in the university, the lady i buy my undies from shared with us on how this “little” business of hers enabled her train not just herself but 2 of her younger ones through the university.

By doing one or all this things listed above, you will be busy and eventually you would find out how productive you have been. The period of Unemployment is not the time to wallow in self  pity. It is the time to develop yourself.

Decide in your heart, that you want to make it in life with or without a job and you will succeed!!!

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