It Starts With Regrets & Ends With A Happily Ever After

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The aim of the game is pretty simple: to live a life without any regrets or, as those tattoo memes have taught us, a life without ‘regrets’. Yet, despite this being the common goal that links us all, how many of us actually manage to succeed on this front?


Let’s say it was all about to end tomorrow – you get taken out by a windswept hot air balloon, choke on your first ever piece of sushi or a zombie apocalypse breaks out – would that flashing montage be the film you want to see, or would there be regrets in the way it all panned out?


free from regrets


Some regrets are unavoidable. Some are the product of not knowing any better. And some can chew us up forever. No matter which of these you may align with, consider this your Monday motivation because you have the chance to write that final chapter and create the kind of happily ever after that Hollywood loves, and here is how:


It’s Okay To Fail

We came across a great analogy for this – the hurdles. If you watch the 110m Olympic final, you’ll see that the winner knocks over about one-third of the hurdles, but they never break stride. How can this be? Simple: they want to get across the finish line. That’s all. Michael Jordan’s quote on failing to succeed is on everyone needs to hang on their wall.


living without regrets


Live It, Don’t Bear It

You have to bear the outcomes of your decisions in life, which is why you need to make sure you are living life too. What do we mean by this? You need to start making decisions based on your hopes, dreams and aspirations – not what your dad wants you to do and be. One day life will come to a close. Realising you didn’t make the decisions will crush you.


Learn From Them

When you have made a mistake, you can either regret it or learn from it. Do the latter and you will avoid making the same mistake over and over and over again. You got a tattoo when you were blind drunk, so seek out an affordable tattoo removal place and vow not to be so stupid next time. If you regret going down the career path you did, learn from this and make the changes to do what you really want to do. Yes, you may have to start over again, but you won’t regret it.


learn without regrets


Do It Today

Not everyone is lucky enough to know what their dream is so, you know what yours is, then make sure you are actively pursuing it. Don’t just put it into the “one-day” pile because one day will never come, meaning every day will become a regret. So, right now, right this second, either say yes to your dreams and start chasing them down or wave goodbye to them. If you can live in comfort at why you chose to say no, then fine, but if you will regret your decision then go hell for leather to achieve it.


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