Wedded Bliss: Ready To Do Life As A Wife?


The road to wedded bliss is more than just emotions and flowers. There are so many things to consider.

Sometimes, it feels like Facebook is deliberately trying to make us feel bad as it fills our feed with pictures of sparkly engagement rings, smug ‘we’re pregnant’ video reveals and photo after photo of big white weddings! It’s hard to avoid the nagging voice in your head that says ‘isn’t it time you do the same?’But are you really ready to take the next step?

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Is a wedding a guarantee for wedded bliss?

It’s ok if you sometimes feel like you should just get married to stop your friends asking why he hasn’t proposed or your mom from talking incessantly about grandchildren. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should make a huge commitment just because everyone else is!

Do you love your partner enough to spend a lifetime with them? Would you be happy for them to be the father of your children? Have you thought about the practical applications of marriage i.e. moving, changing your career or even compromising on what to do at the weekend?

If you believe that marriage is something that’s necessary so you can start a family or move in together then fair enough. Likewise, if there are cracks in your relationship getting married won’t heal anything it’ll actually expose them further.

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You Get One Day

We can’t deny weddings are fantastic! They’re the chance to be the center of attention, have fun and spend time with everyone you love on a day that’s all about you! Wanting to have a massive soiree and wanting to get married are two very different things. Be sure that you know the difference between the two before you start sending out invitations. Your wedding day will be beautiful, but it’ll also be over within a few short hours and then you’d have to confront the fact that you’ve agreed to be someone’s wife!

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Life Is For Living

We know every couple is different but sadly the statistics go against those who marry young without having established their own careers or even finished school. Over 70% of marriages where one, or both partners are under twenty-five tend to end in divorce or separation.

Bear in mind the divorce process isn’t easy, if you’ve got children with this person it’ll make things even harder as well as having an effect on how you approach relationships in the future. We aren’t saying that no high school sweethearts ever make it to wedded bliss, but that it’s better when you’ve gone through school, started a career and moved into your own place before you consider tying the knot.

Meeting new people, traveling to exotic countries and experiencing stuff on your own will also help you to discover exactly how you’d like to live your life.

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You Trust Them

Being able to trust the person you love, admire and respect most in the world is probably the most important thing in a relationship, let alone a marriage. You need to know your partner inside out before you commit to forever, you love them despite their imperfections and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Loving someone isn’t about intimacy, sparks can burn out, it’s about knowing you never want to go a single day without them in your life.



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