Sunlight Detergent: Product Review

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Product: Sunlight Detergent

Some time ago, one of our readers requested that we do a review of washing powders. There are so many out in the market now, and it can be difficult knowing which one to use. Well, if you have been wondering which washing powder is best for you, rest easy. We plan to test as many as we can get our hands upon and then review each one in the coming weeks. This is an honest guide to washing detergent.

Sunlight detergent powder


Sunlight detergent is a washing detergent made by Unilever in Nigeria. This is a global brand that is sold in different markets across the world. It is used mostly for household cleaning, especially hand washing. It comes in two sizes (1kg and 2kg) and in two scents: Spring Sensations and Tropical Sensations. This detergent can be found in most supermarkets and stores across the country although you are more likely to find Spring Sensations than Tropical Sensations (which we have not tried at the time of writing this review). It is affordable, but not cheap. Maybe if there were smaller sachets it might be more affordable to those with lower incomes.


This detergent washes quite well. Perhaps what is most noticeable is that it does not cause your clothes to fade and so can be used on whites and colours equally. It has a pleasant citrus scent that gives the clothes a fresh smell. It foams a lot though so you would need lot of water to rinse off.


My Take

I really like this detergent and what I like most is that a little goes a long way. A handful can wash a lot of clothes and it can be used alone, without bar soap. It’s mild on the hands. I also like that it is readily available; chances are almost any store you walk into will have Sunlight detergent.


This really depends on where you shop. The 2kg pack goes for N600 – N650 while the smaller pack is usually sold for N350

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