The Five Star Home

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Hello Naija Housewives. Keeping a Five Star home is no mean feat, whether you have kids or not. It takes a lot of determination and smart work to have a home that is beautiful, neat and welcoming. This column is dedicated to helping you achieve that. We’ve called this the Five Star Home after the five star hotels.

Criteria for Judging a Five Star Home

This is the interesting part. When it comes to judging a five star hotel, different organizations have their criteria and they’re often different. So we came up with our own idea of what constitutes a five star home.

We’re judging based on five points:

  • Neatness of the home
  • Use of space
  • Interior decoration
  • The kitchen (food)
  • Hospitality


In order for a home to meet the criteria of neatness, we’re not asking that it be as spic and span as a hotel room. That isn’t a reasonable expectation especially if you have kids. What we have in mind is a home that is reasonably clean and tidy. This means that it’s regularly swept and mopped, there are no cobwebs hanging around, it’s dusted frequently and is generally presentable enough to receive visitors at a moments’ notice with only cursory tidying.

Use of Space:

This has nothing to do with how big or tiny your home is and everything to do with organization. Are you able to arrange your home in a way that it doesn’t feel cluttered? Are you organized and is there a place for everything? We will share tips here on how you can effectively use the space in your home to the best advantage.

Interior Décor:

This is an important part of having a five star home. You don’t have to have a home with imported furnishings or state of the art décor. A five star home means that you know how to make your home look elegant and cozy. And even if you don’t know how to achieve that, we’re here to help.


tasty grilled meat and vegetables skewersWhat is a five star facility without nutritious and palatable meals coming from the kitchen? While you’re allowed to eat out every once in a while, a true five star housewife will cook regularly for her family because then, she can monitor what goes into the food and ensure that everything is nutritious and healthy.

We’ll also share recipes we get from time to time.


Unfortunately, we’ve discovered in our travels and surveys that most women don’t know the first thing about hospitality. Imagine having a guest in your home and you don’t even bother to make sure there’s a blanket or something to cover with in their room? Or you don’t bother with tissue paper in the guest bathroom. If you’re guilty of that, then don’t let it bother you too much. We’ll share with you the finer points of making your guests feel like royalty and VIPs. The only problem with that is, if you take our tips and follow our advice, your guest might not want to leave. 🙂

The Five Star Home is your companion and handbook to running a home everyone will be envious of. My name is Sharon and I’m your host on this column. Occasionally I will invite guests here to share their expertise and wisdom with us. If you would like to feature on this column or advertise your service/product, feel free to use the contact form to reach me and I’ll get in touch.

Creating a Five Star Home Together,




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