4 Safe Exercises For Pregnant Women

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It’s a known fact that exercise keeps your body in shape and leaves you looking better. This is no different for expectant mothers. Daily exercise will reduce the likelihood of back pain, keep you and your baby in shape and help you return to your pre-pregnancy shape faster.


However, not all exercises are safe for pregnant women – a couple of exercises have been labeled unsafe by experts. We have put together 4 safe easy-to-do exercises you can try in your home. You should still discuss with your physician before commencing exercise


Power walk

Since jogging while pregnant is frowned upon by a few experts especially if you weren’t jogging pre-pregnancy, there is an alternative exercise that is generally accepted and will bring similar results. Power walk is a cardiovascular exercise that keeps you fit without putting too much strain on your knees. To do this exercise, you only need comfortable shoes. You can power walk around your compound.

How to power walk – with your back straight and your elbows pointing downwards, walk briskly heel first. That is, let the heel of your feet touch the ground before the rest of your feet.


exercise for pregnant women - power walk

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Also a cardiovascular exercise, swimming will leave you feeling refreshed and limber. Swimming will stretch your muscles and is super helpful in getting rid of lower back pain.



Play your favorite music and dance away. Dancing will get your heart pumping and is said to build pregnancy endurance.


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As an expectant mother, you are prone to sore muscles and joints. Stretch daily to keep your body parts from aching. Stretching can come in different forms. It could involve you attempting to touch your fingertips to your feet, or standing with your feet wide apart and twisting your waist.


It is important to note that exercising while pregnant is not just to keep your body in great shape, it is also necessary for your blood pressure, an easier delivery and your general well being. There are other great exercises for pregnant women out there. As always, speak to your doctor before you begin any exercise routine.


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