The Importance of Curfew for your Teenager

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[media-credit name=”Image source: Flickr” align=”alignnone” width=”640″]clock watching time management naija housewives[/media-credit]Having a teen child or more than 1 teenage child can be very stressful and demanding. As a parent it is important to keep an eye on your teenage children, map out different rules and regulations and ensure your child adheres to them.

Curfews are designed to ensure your teenagers are safe and free from harm and trouble, it also helps curtail juvenile deliquesce. Often times, most teenagers rebel against curfews because they feel they are matured enough to make decisions of their own. It is important in such situations to sit your teenager down and explain the importance of curfews, its benefits and obedience to rules and regulations.

It is sad when teenagers are seen loitering around at odd hours of the night, in some cases they may be tagged as useless children, prostitutes, thieves and as the case may be. They can even be held responsible for crimes they did not commit because they are seen outside their homes at such ungodly hours.

Curfews are important because it makes your child become accountable

How to set curfew for your teenage child

  1. Make them understand, that it is your primary responsibility as a parent to ensure they are safe.
  2. Involve them in deciding the time for the curfew.
  3. Have them know, if by chance they won’t meet up the time set as their curfew, then you should be informed hours before the time.
  4. If your teen breaks the curfew, ensure he or she is punished for doing so.
  5. Give rewards when they keep to their curfew, it encourages them.
  6. Make them know how proud you are of them when they keep to their curfew.
  7. It is important as a parent you also get home on time, you can’t set rules and come back at ungodly hours, lead by example.

It is very important for parents to have curfews for their teenagers, because it guides them and also makes them disciplined.

Remember: Train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it.



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