Nose Poking in Public: Etiquettes

People tend to forget they are in public and as such, go on to poke their nose.

Nose poking involves a person sticking their hand into their nose for reasons ranging from irritations to itching. It is quite common to see people poke their nose when they are having catarrh or under the weather.

Another reason  could  be that it has become a part of them-a bad habit. And like a saying goes, bad habit dies hard. People also poke their noses when they feel nervous and their hands try to find something to do. However to some people, it is a subconscious act.

For instance, I have been in a meeting where one of the conveners who sat right in front of the attendees kept poking his nose. It was just so embarrassing to me but obviously, he wasn’t even conscious of what he was doing. So, I figured it must be that he was nervous but it turns out that it was just a bad habit he has because on another occasion in his office, he was not only poking his nose but he was also picking his teeth in front of everyone.

If nose poking is done within the confines of one’s house then it would not be such an issue. It can be very awkward when a person does it in public places. Nose poking is a disgusting and repulsive act. It is even worse when it is done with bare fingers because germs can get stuck under the fingernails which if not properly washed can be transferred to food.

People who have now realized they poke their nose, should endeavor to try be a little more self conscious whenever they are in social gatherings or public places like; meetings, rallies, outdoor events, restaurants, churches, and so on.

My advice to everyone out there is to watch that habit before it becomes a problem. If your nose gets too itchy or makes you feel uncomfortable and you can no longer bear it, you can excuse yourself and make use of the convenience where no one will see you. It can be very embarrassing to the person involved. Just imagine yourself poking your nose and realizing that everyone was staring at you with a disgusted look. Not so cool, right?

Another solution is for you to clean your nose with a wet sponge or towel when bathing. If this is done properly the chances of it itching or making you feel uncomfortable during the day will be reduced to the barest minimum. And if you absolutely need to poke, do so with a clean handkerchief  not with your bare fingers most importantly be discreet about it.

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