The Importance of Self Evaluation

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What does it mean to evaluate oneself?

Evaluation is the act of re -examining your life. It is an act of reflecting on your progress and improvement in life and looking into areas were you still need to improve on.

A lot of persons just live their life’s without reflecting on what needs to be done to make them improve and do better. And when things end up not turning exactly how they would want it to, they attribute their problems and lack of achievements to family members and friends.

Self evaluation involves thinking and looking for ways to re –strategize. It involves you being completely truthful to yourself. Self evaluation brings about growth.

Self evaluation is not resisted to only those in business, it involves everybody. You can evaluate your marriage, attitude towards God, your children, in-laws, co workers., etc. It makes you perform better, because you get to see areas which you were doing badly in and it makes you work on yourself.

The problem with so many of us, is that we not only lie to those around us, but we also lie to ourselves. How sad!

Lying to yourself is the greatest mistake you should ever make, because it hinders you from seeing the truth and from wanting to do better. Self evaluation can be done everyday, You do not need a special occasion to reflect on your life.

After a hard days job; before you retire to bed, you can reflect on how your day went, the activities that occurred, what you needed to do that you were not able to do, what you did and how you succeeded in doing it.

This would not only make you do better, but it would also make you realize your potentials.

To be successful in life, you need to evaluate yourself. Do not leave yourself at the detriment of others to evaluate. The key word in Self evaluation is TRUTHFULNESS.

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