The wonder and beauty of food

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We eat food everyday, at least most normal people do and in the process it’s easy to lose sight of the splendor and wonder of various food sources. With a hectic schedule most of us swallow with out really chewing and savouring the actual meal. Apart from the fact that this habit is bad for digestion it also robs us of the opportunity to experience the truth depth of a meal.

Have you ever taken a minute to look at the perfect symmetry of the cross section of a lemon?



Refreshing Pear and Yoghurt smoothie

Or consider the sweet taste and velveteen texture of a perfectly cooked sweet potato or yam?


Rosemary baked chicken, yams and potatoes

Look at the perfectly nibbleable quail’s egg and how it just calls to be popped in the mouth.


Crunchy quails’ eggs scotch eggs

The hue of a ripe red tomato promises freshness and conveys such vivacity to a dish that it’s almost impossible to resist


Savory barbeque chicken filled crepes




Creamy chicken sauce and pasta




Ube stuffed tomatoes

With the festive Season firmly on the horizon accompanied by all associated end of year activities, let’s make meal times not just a celebration of the Season but a celebration of the Creator of Heaven and Earth who has made all these foods available for our consumption. His artistry and skill is unparalleled and truly awe inspiring!

Bring color, textures and variety to your tables and bond with your lived ones over deliciously prepped meals!



Banana and almond bread


Potato Salad with ube spread and flat bread

 Potato Salad with ube spread and flat bread



Christmas spread

Recipes for all meals featured above are available at and


Intro to Eat, Live, Love

Eat, Live, Love is really about using food to enhance your life and general well being. I don’t believe there are bad foods; however there are badly prepared foods. The various food sources we have access to have been gifted to us by God and we should enjoy it and use it nourish our bodies, build bonds of love around the dining table and share with the needy. Join me in the journey of eating, loving and living through food!


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