Would You Use A Spray On Nail Polish?

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Nail Inc has come up with this exciting new innovation with nail polish where you can use a spray can to just spray on the nail polish onto your nails.

This looks like something that is just perfect for an evening out or a wedding…spray it on so that your nails are colour coordinated.

Yes, it will be messy, but you can easily clean up the excess paint. Put on your base coat, spray on the nail polish and then end it with a top coat. Wait for that to dry and then wash your hands or use face wipes to clean up the excess.

We have not tried this, so we can’t really tell you how it works. What we would really love to know is how long it would take to dry because quick drying nail polish is in high demand. Also, it appears that it comes in just 2 colours for now. Hopefully it will expand to other colours very soon.

This sounds really great and all we can say is When is it coming to Nigeria? Is this something YOU can use and will you spend almost 6k (Naira) on this?

Source: Nails Inc Spray On Nail Polish: Paint Can (Vogue.co.uk)


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