3 DIY Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair

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For ladies with natural hair, wash day is not a day to look forward to. All that sitting and waiting with a shower cap on your head while droplets of water slip down your neck is really not cool. But hate it or love it, we all have to deep condition lest our hair rebels and refuses to be combed or detangled.


While there are a lot of good hair conditioners out there, homemade conditioners are really great and can have fantastic effects on your hair. Here are 3 DIY conditioners I tried and loved:


Banana, olive oil & honey

Take one or two pieces of ripe banana (depending on how full/long your hair is) and throw it in the blender along with 2 table spoons of pure honey and several drops of olive oil. Allow the ingredients blend into a smooth paste and then apply onto your hair starting from the tips.




The first time I tried this mixture, I mashed the banana instead of blending it and I had to deal with pieces and clumps of banana in my hair for days. On the other hand, my hair was really shiny and the curls were sort of enhanced.


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Avocado, Egg & coconut oil

Take one overripe avocado, (remove the seed and back) and throw into the blender with coconut oil and one raw egg (without the shell). Allow it to blend smoothly then apply onto your hair. You can also use a little ACV (apple cidar vinegar) if you plan to detangle.


Image:  Crafthubs
Image: Crafthubs


Mayonnaise and honey

My go to remedy for dry and frizzy hair. Mix regular mayo (the kind you slather on bread) with honey and apply on your hair. This mixture will leave your hair super shiny and your hand will just flow right through.


Image: Stylecraze
Image: Stylecraze


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For maximum results from your homemade conditioner, apply with heat and let it sit  for about 30 minutes. To apply with heat, place a towel in the microwave for about 30 seconds and wrap around the shower cap or heat the mixture ( no more than 10 seconds) and apply on your hair.


What’s your favorite DIY deep conditioner?



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