5 Reasons Why You Need Face Primer

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Not so long ago, makeup items such as makeup brush set, contour kit and so on would not be found in the hands of a non makeup-artist. Not so long ago, there weren’t even that many makeup artists but now, every corner you turn, there’s a beauty store. We are in the era of beauty. Highlighting and contouring used to be glam makeup – it was worn mostly by models, then celebrities but now its everyday makeup for a couple of ladies. The rules of beauty are changing, and if its rules that make you more beautiful, you should definitely follow the trend.

Face primer is one of those items used by makeup artists that seems unnecessary. However, asides giving your makeup a great finish, it has some benefits for your skin.

What is Face Primer?

Face primers usually come in small containers or tubes and are cream-like or gel-like. They act as a base for makeup – that is primer always goes on first.

Why is it important?

Since primers act as a base for makeup, it gives your makeup something to hold on to thereby making your makeup smooth and last longer. It also gives your face a kind of shine or glow.

Why should I invest in a face primer? 

Long lasting makeup – As said earlier, primers enable makeup to last longer and that becomes quite important when the weather is really hot and threatening to ruin several minutes of angling your face right and sitting in front of the mirror.  Nothing ruins makeup faster than heat. Hot weather has a way of making most makeup look messy and feel sticky but a primer makes it so that your face isn’t oily and caked.

Glowing natural look – Should you choose to go bare faced – step out without makeup, you can wear primer alone to give your face that natural and fresh glow. Your face primer also works as a natural shade eyeshadow.

Protects your skin.

Once or twice, you may have wondered how safe daily makeup is for your skin, how some of the chemicals that go into foundation and powder may not be as friendly as advertised. Primer while acting as a base, provides protection, a kind of smooth barrier between your skin and makeup so not so much of the makeup is absorbed by your skin.

Good for dry skin.

For dry skin, seek out primers with hydrators (it’s usually written on the pack) to moisturize your skin and make it less dry.

Smooth Finish

Primer makes your finish look smooth and sleek.


The picture below has a number of primers recommended by Denise Rabar, Wowbeauty  for various skin types.


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