8 Reasons Why Your Relationship May Be Worth Saving

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Has your relationship grown stale? Are you tired of the constant arguments with your partner? Do you miss the freedom of being single? If so, it may be time to call it quits. However, not every bad relationship is beyond saving. Negative emotions are often temporary, and itchy feet is common when things aren’t working. Before you call it a day, here are eight reasons why you should stay together.


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1. You can’t stand being apart from each other

Despite your grievances, if you can’t imagine living without your partner in your life, there is clearly something working between you. You may have broken up in the past, but if your recurring thoughts were ‘i miss my ex,’ your ties may be stronger than you thought.

2. You are still talking to each other

Constant arguments are unpleasant, but at least you are still communicating with each other. However, instead of arguing, take the time to sort through whatever issues you are fighting about calmly. Niggles build up over time, but there may be things you have left unsaid that finally need talking about.

3. You still have fun

There may be bad days, but if you still have fun together on the good days, there may still be a spark between you. We know it’s easier said than done but spend more time together doing the things you enjoy. The occasional date night, for example, is a great way to reinvigorate your relationship.

4. You work well together

People may tell you that you are and your partner are a good match, but they may not always be right. However, if you know you are compatible, and you have both worked through issues before, then there is every chance you can do it again. Relationships are about compromise, and being able to see from the other person’s point of view. If you work well as a team, you have a fighting chance.

5. You can still be yourself

If your partner is constantly trying to change you to meet their expectations, then something is not working. However, if the opposite is true and your partner loves you for who you are, no matter how many flaws you think you have, then you may not want to lose them.

6. You can see yourself growing old with them

Ask yourself this question. Is your partner somebody you can see yourself growing old with? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then there is clearly something there. A good relationship is about more than sex and good looks, so there will be aspects of your life together that are deeper than the so-called ‘important’ attributes on the surface.

7. You are married

It is easy to go through a breakup when there is nothing tying you down. Being married is another matter entirely. If you have made this commitment to each other, and especially if you have children who depend on you, you need to stock of your life before hasty decisions are made. While you shouldn’t stay together if the relationship is beyond repair, you might still consider marriage counseling before you make the life-changing decision to separate permanently.

8. You are still in love

Finally, if you still get those butterflies in your tummy every time you see your partner, and the above items on this list stand true for you, then you are probably still in love. Do what you can to fix your relationship problems, and you will both grow stronger from the experience.





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