Beauty: At Home Pedicure Tips

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You do not need to always need go to the saloon to get your pedicure done, you can stay at home and have a really nice bonding time with your feet. Remember we are in the season of love, show love to that Special Person by pampering their feet.

Steps to take for your Pedicure:

  • Get all your supplies, such as nail cutters, nail buffer, a clean towel, cuticle etc. and keep within reach
  • If there is any nail polish, you can remove it using a nail polish remover
  • Boil at least cups of water
  • Pour the water into a big bowl and mix with some cold water *the water should be lukewarm*
  • Add bathing gel, oils or any desired antiseptic of your choice.
  • Let your feet soak for about 10 minutes to 15 minutes; the hot water will soften your nails, cuticles and dead skin and would also remove dirt.
  • Cut and file your nails.
  • If you have cuticle trimmers, gently cut away the excess cuticle skin that builds up over time.
  • Use a buffing pad to file the ridges and rough edges on the tops of your nails.
  • Use a pumice stone or a brush to scrub the heel and ball of your foot. *It is important you scrub the heel of your feet because the skin there is often very thick and dulled to pain*.
  • Rinse off your feet with water and dab dry.
  • Massage a little amount of lotion into your skin.
  • Add your basecoat of nail polish and paint each of your toenails.
  • Start in the center of the nail near the cuticle, and move towards the tip of each nail to fill in the nail polish and continue that way until your nails are filled in with the nail polish.
  • Wipe off excess nail polish that may have gotten to the skin with your or a damp cotton bud.
  • Wait a few minutes for your polish to begin to dry, and add a clear top coat.



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