You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tasted Bole and Fish

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I live in Port Harcourt, a city in Nigeria. It is a port city and we have access to lots of really incredible sea food. Unfortunately, to take advantage of these, you either have to make your own homemade dish or buy from roadside vendors. We don’t really have restaurants serving gourmet seafood dishes. (That’s a startup idea though!)


Bole and Fish is an indigenous meal that can only be experienced. It is roast plantain served with roasted fish and peppered sauce. You can buy it at almost any roadside corner and you would almost always get a good tasting meal.

Bole and fish


I have been to a lot of cities and towns across the country, and I must say that Port Harcourt and Yenagoa (both neigbouring cities) are the only places you can get this amazing combo of Bole and Fish. I stand corrected though.


There are different variations in other cities, but they are mostly just roasted plantain served with roasted groundnuts (peanuts). Tasty, but nothing in comparison with the local delicacy served in these cities.


I have always thought that I would love to make mine at home. Mostly because there is only one street vendor in my neighbourhood and she operates like the weather – very unpredictable. She might be out today and not turn up the next day. So I felt learning how to make it might be quite handy.

Luckily, I stumbled upon Elenora’s blog and she has a lovely DIY recipe on her blog. It is one she’s tried herself too.


I should warn that if you are used to organized recipes from food blogs, this is not the place to go. Her recipe is a bit messy, but entirely easy to follow. I am definitely going to try it one of these days.


If you can get plantain, you should give it a go too. And let us know when you do. 😉


Click to get Elenora’s recipe.


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