Children Want Parents to Know…

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Children Want Parents to Know…

As we continue our train of thought in this month of love, there are a few things our kids want parents to know. For a few of us, we may feel it is not the children’s place to tell us anything; that whatever they see they should take it that way; the kids have it better than we ever did so why are they complaining?

The truth is there are yearnings in their hearts and things they really want parents to know, and out of love, then we should try and put these things into practice:

They need to be sure you love them.

Whenever you tell your child you love him, he has a deep sense of security. As we said yesterday, hearing that you love him brings confidence and an assurance of stability.

Caring about the things they are doing; the things they say; the interests they have; are all a sign of your love for them.

Listen to your child.

Your daughter/son has her/his own stress in school, homework and social interactions. Once they get home, try and listen to them in a way that is non-judgmental. There are times they need your empathy.

They watch your interaction with your spouse

Kids see more than you give them credit for. When both of you argue, they get scared that there may be a divorce on the way.

Respecting each other, teaches them respect in turn.

Please don’t confuse them

The way we talk to our children sometimes can be confusing. How do you really perceive them? As a blessing or a curse? There are instances you say you love them, then others you say they are driving you mad. Which is it?

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Be patient with your child

Nobody is perfect! You included. Your child is growing and will fumble along the way, be patient. In patience and love, steer them in the right direction. Being the adult makes patience and understanding a necessary part of the job.

If you notice your child rebelling, try and find out- why?

You are their Foundation

Your child wants to make you happy and proud. Give the feedback they need and as often as possible, let it be positive. When your child does something wrong, look for a way to properly get it across to them.

 Spend time with your daughter/son.

There can be a regular monthly outing or a day to sit and watch football or something you both share in common. Find ways to make your child feel special.

Please do not humiliate or verbally abuse your child

Your kids tend to believe and internalize the insults poured out on them. I am sure you do not want them growing up as crazy and/or idiots.

Your child needs consistency

Keep with the same morals and rules for all your children. Rules and discipline should not differ depending on the child, neither should you change them whenever it suits you. Be consistent!

“Do as I say and as I do”

Your child does not learn from lectures and instructions as much as he/she will learn from watching you. Be the example you want him/her to be.


This is every child’s plea and makes to form the type of child you really want.



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