Children’s Day Special: Ideas for The Weekend

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It’s Children’s Day!! And thanks to the back to back public holidays, it’s going to be a long weekend for your kids and they will be expecting to have lots of fun. So what do you have in store for your kids this weekend? Taking them to see a march past or getting them to participate is fun but what next? Take them to see a movie? Let’s be honest, the cinemas will be packed this period and not a lot of people like crowds.

If you are looking for ways to make this weekend fun for your child, look no further, we have put together 5 ways to make this holiday memorable

Watch a movie

Instead of going to the cinemas, watch a family film on TV (there will be a lot considering it’s children’s day/weekend) or you could simply rent a movie you liked as a kid and watch it with them. You can give it a cinema feel by turning off the lights and passing out snacks.

Go on a road trip

Take your child sightseeing to places you think they might find interesting. Also point out landmarks to them and give fun facts about those places. You could stop at a fast-food for a little snack.

Let them talk

You’d be surprised how much a child knows and can talk about once you let them speak. They will tell you a lot about their friends, the teachers who are nice to them and those who aren’t. Their expressions will keep you entertained and the conversation will leave them feeling closer to you.

Work together

You could bake a cake and allow your child assist. Granted they will end up licking most of the batter but children love to help and it will definitely look good in pictures. You could also try making cards together, beads or any simple art.


Plan a little get-together

A little party with your children’s friends and parents will be very welcome. You could also invite family friends with children their age, let them get to know their distant relatives. The party could be at your place or a resort.

Asides the above, you could try watching cartoons with them and asking questions about the characters that would be engaging or you could play their favorite games. Whichever way you plan it, you are going to end up spending quality time with your kids, make it memorable.


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