DAY 22: Ask God for Your Husband’s Health

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I pray for my husband and ask dear God that you bless him with good health. Keep him safe from all forms of sicknesses and diseases. Give him health in his body, mind and soul. I reject the spirit of mental illness. I reject any form of physical handicap. I ask oh God, that you will keep him strong and he will experience perfect health and vitality all the days of his life.


After all the prayers you have made on behalf of your husband, it is time to petition God for his health. Everything else would be meaningless if he were bed-ridden or tied to a hospital bed. For you man to be the kind of husband and father he is meant to be, you need him in good and perfect health.

Pray against any illness, sickness or disease. Pray against anything that seeks to paralyze your husband so that he cannot function.

There are men who are well one day and then by the next day, they are suddenly sick. Pray against sudden sickness in your husband. There are conditions that totally steal a man’s health and yet no doctor is able to diagnose exactly what is wrong with the man. Ask God to cover your husband and protect him from such sicknesses.

If your husband is sick, ask God to restore his health. God is the giver of health and it is not his plan for us to be without good health. Ask him to show himself strong on behalf of your husband and heal him.

If your husband has a physical challenge, I want you to pray this prayer:

Father Lord, I ask that you take this condition of my husband (name the physical challenge) and turn it into an advantage for him. Make his other senses and body parts function above average so that what should be a handicap for him will become the stepping stone to his greatness.






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