Could This Be The End of Jenifa’s Diary?

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Jenifa’s Diary is currently airing season 5 and is one of the most anticipated Nigerian sitcoms. Hearing Jenifa murdering English language and adjusting to life in the city is incredibly entertaining. However, in an interview with Vanguard, Funke Akindele, creator and lead actress of Jenifa’s Diary admitted that she is tired of the show.

“I must confess that I am tired because it is not easy writing, playing the lead character, assisting the director and also supervising the whole project”

If you are a fan of the sitcom, you would have noticed that Funke’s name dominates the show’s credits.

She also admitted to wanting to cancel the show a few times but the motivation of fans kept her going

“It is not easy writing a comedy script but each time I want to put it to rest, people tell me that the last season was lovely and they keep asking what would be happening in seasons to come”.

Very heartbreaking. What is Jenifa’s Diary without Jenifa? What would I do with my weekends? I would surely miss Jenifa’s brand of English like “Adaku where you are went” “My name in not Sulia, my name in Jeniva” “Is it because I am squatter with you?”

“They still want to see more because everyone loves Jenifa. I believe that  Jenifa  is a brand that has come to stay because we use her as a vessel to pass  messages across to young people. I use the character to highlight some problems the youths face and also proffer solutions to these problems. I don’t see Jenifa’s Dairy coming to an end”

Looks like I jumped the gun on that one. Funke seems to be very aware that a lot of hearts would break if the show stopped.

Jenifa’s Diary is a Nigerian TV show that stemmed from the 2008 comedy drama film. The movie followed the life of village champion Suliat a.k.a Jenifa who travels to Lagos for higher education but realizes she is not as “cool” in the city as she is in the village. The movie is filled with incorrect grammar, outrageous fashion choice and socially awkward situations. Due to the success of the movie (and sequel) and at the request of fans, Funke Akindele decided to start a sitcom Jenifa’s Diary which follows the same plot as the movie.

If you don’t watch Jenifa’s Diary, you should. The show is funny and morally educative. Season 5 airs on Sundays AIT 07:30pm, Wednesdays NTA 08:05pm and Saturdays STV 08:30pm



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