Peanut Butter Smoothie

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A peanut butter smoothie is just not something I had previously imagined. When I first saw this recipe, I had a hard time coming to terms with it and couldn’t imagine drinking peanut butter. Seriously though, if it’s something we eat on our bread, why can’t we drink it? Guess the human mind is funny.

peanut butter smoothie recipe

Amazingly, just recently I made up my mind to make my own peanut butter; no more spending all that for peanut butter, especially since it’s something the kids really love. Growing up, my mum used to make our peanut butter (that women made lots of stuff, God bless her). She would buy the groundnuts from the market, roast them over firewood and then send it to the local mill for grinding. It was definitely more affordable, but more than that, she got to know exactly what her children were putting in their little bellies. These days you never can tell, with so many additives and preservatives.

This recipe is definitely added incentive to go ahead and make my peanut butter. Then I can try out the recipe (using the kids as guinea pigs of course) and then see how it goes. It really looks delicious and the fact that it’s gluten free is also great.

This peanut butter smoothie recipe was sent to us by our friends over at, only the largest online grocery store in the country. The offer free delivery to those who live in Lagos so if you do, be sure to give them a try. 🙂

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Peanut Butter Smoothie


Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe

Milkshake lovers, here is a great replacement that works at any time of the day. This gluten-free smoothie is perfect for breakfast on-the-go, afternoon snack and if you like your desserts in the evening, this will help cut down your calorie intake.

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Go ahead and try this peanut butter smoothie recipe below, it looks really yummy. Do let us know if you liked it or if you’ll pass.

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