Honey; The Elixir in Your Home

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ways to use honey


Honey is widely known for its sweetness but a lot of people have discovered that it is a very handy ingredient to have around the house and it has a lot more uses than serving as a sweetener. Below are 6 ways to use honey.


Honey for cough


Honey has been said to work as well as counter cough medicine. Two full spoons of honey can drive away a persistent cough. Honey also works for throat infections.


Honey for burns and wounds


Applying honey on a fresh wound or burn would disinfect the wound/burn and enable it heal faster.


Honey as energizer


When you are feeling a bit weak and need a boost of energy, instead of reaching for the energy drink in the fridge, reach for your bottle of honey. The rise in your sugar level will serve as energy boost. To last longer during a workout, take two spoons of honey before starting your exercise routine.


Honey for Insomnia.


Warm milk and honey will put a child almost instantly to sleep. The sweet mixture could also be used on adults – it may not work as fast but it would work.


Honey for dandruff.


Due to the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of honey, it helps fight dandruff and suppresses microorganism growth. Mix honey with warm water and coat your hair with it before washing.


Honey for hangovers.


After the crazy night out, you would probably need a cure for that raging headache. Honey serves as a great hangover cure.  Blend a reasonable amount of honey with natural yogurt and drink the mixture. It tastes better than aspirin in water. The natural sugars in honey will hasten up the process of alcohol oxidation so it leaves your body faster


Honey as an exfoliator.


A mixture of honey and lime serves as a good exfoliator. Leave it on your face for 10-30 minutes then wash off. It would leave your face fresh and soft.


With the numerous uses of honey, it is a must have in every home.





Honey should not be taken too often as it contains high amounts of fructose. Also if you have high levels of sugar in your blood, you should probably avoid all sugary products.


Not all products labeled “natural honey” is actually natural. Overly processed honey would have lost all its special contents and would just be plain sugar. If you can purchase honey from farmers, that would be best.





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