How To: Wear Heels All Day And Not Feel Pain

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Women love heels because they are glamorous, gorgeous and can make any outfit look classy. We want to wear heels every day and every time just like those movie stars. Creative media has had a great impact on women’s love for heels, some of us even think that we can run in heels just like Elizabeth Banks did in The Walk of Shame and like Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City.

The reality of these gorgeous heels is that they hurt like hell. A lot of women say it’s worth the pain. Others however take a pair of slippers or flats in their bags for when their feet get sore. After a long day, it’s not rare to see a woman limping and holding her shoes in her hand.

Heels don’t always have to be uncomfortable. Here are a few tips that would leave you walking in heels like they are flats


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What you are doing wrong

Wearing the wrong sized shoes

When you wear the wrong sized shoes, they will hurt even if they are ballet flats. You know your shoe size, no matter how attractive the shoe is or how well it goes with that dress you have, if it’s not your size, don’t buy it. Heartbreaking, but your feet will thank you.

Selecting your heels wrongly.

In a TV show I watched, a character was suffering from feet blisters because according to her, she had worn her “sitting shoes” for a walk. As ridiculous as this sounds, it’s practical. If you will end up walking around a lot, you shouldn’t wear pin heels – tiny heels. If you don’t trip and fall, you will cry yourself to sleep. If however, you are a guest and will mostly sit, go right ahead and wear the sky scrapers.

Heels in the sky

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What you should do

Massage your feet

Before stepping into those heels, massage your feet, give them a little TLC. They will thank you by not complaining too early.

Moisturize your feet.

Apply a little cream or oil before wearing heels. They will keep your feet lubricated so they just slide into the heels, no hassle.

Use shoe inserts/ insoles.

There are foot pads made to help you stay longer in heels. You place them in the shoe before putting your feet so your feet aren’t making direct contact with the hard surface of your shoes. Silicone foot pads are particularly helpful as they keep your feet from sliding forward.


Follow these tips and find yourself lasting longer in heels. Give out those shoes that are a little undersized.

Even with these tips, wearing heels daily – no matter how beautiful, is bad for your feet and your back. If you won’t take my advice, take the doctor’s.

Heel advice



If the ground is bumpy and uneven, you probably shouldn’t be wearing heels.




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