11 Productivity Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

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[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]Handshake[/media-credit]Business takes a lot of energy and makes huge demands on our time. There is also the additional responsibility of taking care of a husband and kids – if you have a family. Before long, most Nigerian business women finds themselves seriously burnt out. The trick is to focus on productivity and we share 11 tips to help you do that.

Find an Ideal Location

This is very important for entrepreneurs, getting an ideal location that supports your line business enables high productivity growth and will also attract customers.

Minimize Distractions

Distractions could cause a major decline in business; it divides your focus and therefore decreases your productivity level.

Streamline Communications and Schedules

Get rid of unnecessary discussions, meetings, socializing because they will decrease your productivity rate.

Embrace Project Management

Technology has made life a lot easier for us, there are websites that helps monitor progress such as, Asana. This will enable you see how much you have achieved and will act as a motivation on wanting you to do better.

Say NO When Necessary

Don’t be afraid to say NO; don’t take up tasks you know you can’t actualize. For example, you are a tailor and you already have tons of work you need to work on, a customer then brings fabrics, learn to say no and finish with what you have first, because it will cause a decrease in productivity and also your output.

Recognize Your Challenges

Recognize your challenges and then face them. Don’t run from them instead work on how to overcome them.


Learn when to pass on projects to others; it will relieve you of stress. Passing on tasks that are not in your core competency area with is a good way to boost your productivity on the projects that matter most to you.

Visualize Your End Goal

If you’re having trouble maintaining the motivation needed to push through, take a few moments to visualize the end result, this will stand as a motivation.

Keep Your Passion at the Front of Your Mind

Think about the reason you that got you into entrepreneurship in the first place. Your passion will act has a driving force.

Take Break

Have an alone time, go on vacations, site seeing etc, this will enable you function better and be more productive.

Seek Support

Find a good support forum and seek fellow women entrepreneurs and groups that believe in your dream, they come in handy because they can help give advice, ideas, etc thereby enabling you grow and be more productive.





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