30 Days of Praying for Your Husband Day 21

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DAY 21

Pray for your husband that he will be a good father. That he will love his children and be kind to them. Pray that he will not shy away from providing discipline but that he will do so in love. Ask God to open the lines of communication between your husband and his children.

Children get their identity, their sense of who they are from their parents. A father’s love is one of the most important gifts a child can have. Boys learn how to be men from their fathers and girls get their sense of worth as women from their fathers so you see how crucial this relationship is to your family.

If you don’t have children yet, then pray this prayer in faith. Prayer is a seed and you’re sowing the right ones on behalf of your unborn babies.
If your child does not have a father, ask God to be a father to that child and to raise father figures that will be true role models.

Your husband would have gotten his ideas about being a dad from his father and if his own dad was a poor father, he might find himself repeating the same pattern. So pray and break the hold of those patterns. Ask God to teach your husband how to be a good father.




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