30 Days of Praying for Your Husband Day 9

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Day 9

Ask God to give your husband unusual understanding. This understanding should permeate all spheres of his life. Pray that God will help him to understand the people he works with, whatever project he’s handling and most importantly, to understand his wife.


There’s an ancient story of a man who almost got his entire family wiped out because he did not have understanding. The quick thinking and smart action of his wife was what saved them eventually, and even that could not save the man himself. You need to pray and ask God to shower understanding over your husband.

There are two words you need to consistently speak as you pray for him”

Insightย andย Discernment

A man without understanding is a burden. If he does not have an understanding of the country he lives in, or the society in which he operates, he will fall into trouble in no time. If he does not understand you, his wife… there is going to be constant strife in your home.

It is important for YOU to understand that no one is born with such understanding. Time and experience gives this to most people. However, God can give this gift. So ask him on behalf of your husband.

“…they understood the times and it was counted to them as wisdom.”


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